After being apart of Group projects for so long i decided it was time i venture off on my own and thats when the money started rolling in #Doitbig


Where It All Began


2piece - Musician Biography

"Why smoke a blunt when I can dab."

Dab isn't just about the music for 2piece. It's far more important than that. It's a way of life.

North Florida rapper 2piece, born 'Lee Erone Strong Jr', began rapping at the age of 7. He attended freshmen year of college before deciding to focus on his lyrics and skills. 

He grabbed a lot of attention when he appeared on the remake of the hit 'I Smoke I drank'. The single gave 2piece national exposure when it reached #30 on the 2012 billboard charts. The single was part of the album 'Business at Hand' that 2piece wrote, engineered and produced alongside Gabriel Guiterez. 

In 2014 2piece, having parted ways with the record label, released the highly anticipated album '100% Pure T.H.C'. This was his first release under his own label 'Do It Big Music Group'. 2piece describes the album as 'taking you on a journey with goals to legalize Cannabis worldwide'. Something that 2piece is very passionate about.

2piece was determined to get his music and his message to as many people as possible and it worked. '100% Pure T.H.C' brought him into contact and allowed him to collaborate with artists such as Yukmouth, Pastor Troy, Rappin 4 Tay, Jelly Roll, Pleasure P and lil Chuckee. Not only that, the album brought him to the attention of many of the top West Coast Marijuana industry professionals.

'Dabamerica' (2015) and it's follow up 'Dabamerica 2' (2016) are the biggest releases yet by 2piece. They exploded onto the world with a one-two punch and since then 2piece hasn't looked back. The latest two albums by 2piece lay it out for the world to see. Dab music is a new style of music created to give stoners a more energetic vibe by blending southern crunk with the new West Coast. 'Dabamerica' features artists such as Young Dro, Trinidad James, Jt Money, Lil Scrappy, Stevie Stone, Cap 1 and also Bankroll Fresh (who was murdered outside a local recording studio in March 4th 2016). 

'Dabamerica2' continued the progression of Dab music. It features the single 'I'm Dabbin Remix' featuring Afroman.

2piece, the once overshadowed small town hero, now has set his eyes to take over what he calls 'Dabamerica'. He is currently working on 'Dabamerica 3' and is in talks to work with some major artists, including a few Stoner Legends. He is working with Anthem Trax, a music producer from Seattle, to brand their different companies and spread the goodness of music and dabbin worldwide.






2piece - Do It For The Cam

“This is a good song , has a good R&B/Hip Hop sound to it , the singer of the chorus has a good voice and its enjoyable to listen to and is catchy. The verses have good rhythm and flow , they have a good variation of sound and it has good music and beat, would be the type of music I would like to listen in a club.”



 the rapping is highly energetic, passionate and exciting. very motivational - i love this. and as the song develops it just gets better as new elments are added. 


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2piece have been making a buzz in the music industry with incredible tunes. If you’re ready to feature 2piece in any way, please be in touch.

Seattle WA United States

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Seattle WA United States

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